My Heart and Liver are the Best of Friends

My Heart and Liver are the Best of Friends played a show at Chimera on Wednesday, January 16, with Bloom. (MA) and Ben Quad.

My Heart and Liver played last, and it seemed like the whole room had been waiting for them. Before they even started, the crowd gathered to the front of the stage, catcalling and encouraging the band members.

They hit the ground running with their first song, loud rock music filling the air. It took no time at all to get the audience jumping and dancing –  Ben Quad leading the way with their energetic moves.

The sound was angry, bitter; pain and angst leaked from the singer’s voice, from the whine of the guitars. Fury seeped from the drummer’s enthusiastic playing. It was an explosion of emotional rock.

The band put everything into their performance. The drummer was practically beating the kit, long hair flying everywhere. The vocalist sang and played his guitar with his whole body, leaning into his screams, swaying along to the music.

It was a fun show. That’s it. There’s no other way to describe it. Jokes were used between songs to lighten the heavy mood. The whole concert was relaxed, low stakes. It felt like they were just up there to have fun – they weren’t vying for attention or trying to impress anyone. It was them and their music. That was all.

And, the audience ate every bit of up. Looking around, I saw nothing but smiles and bouncing bodies. Arms swayed in the air during the slower, emotional parts, and people jumped when the music picked back up. The entirety of the crowd seemed just happy to be there. Somebody even hopped on stage and did a mini stage dive at one point, eliciting laughter from everyone.

Even the touring band, Bloom., got into the set. They were spotted headbanging and taking pictures of My Heart and Liver at the back of the room, making no move to hide their enjoyment.

When the vocalist announced that they only had one more song left, the whole crowd began chanting, “One more song!”

Of course, they gave into the crowd, pretending that they were doing something nice for their fans, that it wasn’t their intention all along to play that last song.

During that last song, the drummer got a little too excited and knocked over the cymbals. No one even seemed to care – they were too busy rocking to the finale. On stage and off, the majority of the inhabitants were in the air throughout most of the song.

The concert was a blast. My Heart and Liver are the Best of Friends definitely know how to put on a show, in my opinion.

Check them out on all music streaming and social media sites, and make sure to catch them at their next show.

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