Lilac Kings New Year’s Eve “Goodnight” Release Show

Ending a show after four other bands had already performed is never an easy feat, but following up the performances of Ben Quad, All For More, Over Cast, and Cliffdiver should be considered impossible.

Lilac Kings did it, though, and did it successfully.

The concert was celebrating the release of “Goodnight,” their newest album. According to an Instagram post, the band has spent the last two years working on the album.

The show also allowed for the announcement of their upcoming tour, kicking off in the beginning of February in Texas.

Also, as if they weren’t excited enough to be partying with their fans on New Year’s Eve, they were also very proudly rocking new guitars from Arête Guitars – a fact boasted about on social media before and after the concert and mentioned mid-show.

Lilac Kings played their set like they were at a house party – and judging by the people in the crowd, it really felt like one. Confidently, they stood on stage, cracking jokes with the audience, connecting with fans, family, and friends. They announced the concert as a party, and, it seemed, they were going to treat it as such.

They began their set slowly, music in easy listening mode. The tempo picked up halfway through the first song, showing off their post-hardcore style. Unique vocals mixed with traditional indie rock vibes showed exactly how Lilac Kings managed to become Tulsa’s latest breakout band, successfully catching the ears of listeners all over and holding tight.

Most indie rock bands grab attention using high energy motions, dancing and jumping all over the stage. With Lilac Kings, it was all about the music. They were comfortable, their movements not the excessive ones of others. They let their music speak for itself without explaining why they wrote their songs or where they got their inspiration, without announcing every song before they played it.

It was refreshing, to say the least.

Lilac Kings took a break from their smooth jams to play some cover by a band of which they were all fans. The lead singer wanted to do an impression of the original vocalist and handed his guitar over to one of the members of All For More.

The audience went nuts over this cover, headbanging in a way that incorporated the whole body. Everyone yelled and cheered. People who weren’t very familiar with the band’s music were apparently pretty familiar with this song, and they shouted the lyrics back.

The lead singer of Cliffdiver was so enraptured by Lilac Kings’ performance that he hopped on stage and bowed to the band’s vocalist.

As the show began to wrap up, something seemed a bit off. They began to stall more, glancing at phone clocks to check the time. Apparently, the set did not take as long as they expected. The goal had been to play into 2019, the band explained about ten minutes to midnight, but they had already gone through most of the songs they rehearsed.

So, they launched into their newest song, “Goodnight,” despite having been saving it as an encore (said the lead singer). Time was still not on their side, though, and midnight was about three/four minutes away when they struck the last chord.

Someone in the audience questioned the band as they fumbled around with phones and instruments, stalling. One of the band members explained that their phones were saying different things, so they weren’t sure exactly how much time was left.

Approximately thirty seconds before midnight, the band announced that they would just do a countdown and finish their set right at midnight.

We counted down the last ten seconds and cheered at midnight. Lilac King launched into their final song – after, of course, insisting the countdown was the worst ever.

It was a great concert and the perfect way to start a new year, in my opinion.

The official release of the album, “Goodnight,” is later this month, the concert being an exclusive early access. The band will begin the first leg of their tour in February (dates below). Check them out on all music streaming and social media sites.


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