Hoarseman & The Others Like Us Announce Upcoming Split EP

On Friday, December 7th, Hoarseman and The Others Like Us both put a picture on their Instagram stories showing the two shaking hands with the caption “2019”.

To get the scoop, we all met up last week to discuss their future plans.

Apparently, The Others Like Us (Sam Smith) originally reached out to Hoarseman (Quinton Hoagland) for help in producing his new music. For reasons unknown – (though, probably because of how close the two friends are) – they decided to do a split EP, instead of Hoarseman simply producing a new The Others Like Us album.

The EP is definitely going to be some sort of collaboration between the two. Earlier in the day (12/12), they had recorded part of a song by The Others Like Us; after they played a snippet for me, I could already hear how much Hoarseman has influenced the music.

The last album was a stripped, minimalist one. The sneak peek had a lot more going on in it, and Hoarseman’s personal touch makes an appearance. (Not in a way that overshadows Smith, but it does have a bit of Hoagland’s musical stamp.)

When asked how the new music was going to compare to Ironically, Self-Titled, The Others Like Us admitted that the theme will still be sad. However, he is going for a fuller sound this time.

Still not completely thrilled with his last release, The Others Like Us has a new angle he wants to try with this new EP. His influences are Jeff Rosenstock, The Front Bottoms, Sorority Noise – the same as before, but he will be drawing from different aspects.

Hoarseman, on the other hand, feels like he isn’t quite finished with his message from Neverforeverland. The music will not be the same, of course, but it will be more of an expansion of the idea instead of a separate direction.

His inspirations for this project include The Cure, David Bowie (but only 80’s Bowie), New Order, and other similar artists. He feels like his new music will take on their Existentialist tone. He also mentioned that it will have folk undertones similar to Bon Iver.

The fact that Bon Iver was such a big inspiration for The Others Like Us when writing Ironically, Self-Titled hints at the influences we will surely hear in Hoarseman’s part.

The two have big plans for the EP. The tentative release date is some time in late January/early February, and a release show is already in the works. Using the promotional account they started (Accidental Records), the concert will be something of a showcase for many of the artists they support.

In preparation for this, Hoarseman has already gathered a six-piece band to back him. (Members are subject to change, so names weren’t given.)

The split EP does not have a definitive name, but a song title was given from The Others Like Us: “You Ruined Biscoff Gelato For Me.” Very similar to the titles off of Ironically, Self-Titled, we can get a feel for this particular collection. More breakup songs and depression ballads are sure to come; this time, however, with more instruments and a sound produced by Hoarseman.

Both were very excited to share this upcoming project. They believe that this new EP will contain some of their best work. The two cannot wait for everyone to hear it, and from the little bit that I heard, I’m not sure I can wait either.


Make sure to listen to what the two have already released and check them out on all social media platforms.


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