Guys On A Bus Plays in Support of The Wrecks at the Vanguard

Joplin, Missouri-based band, Guys On A Bus, played in support of The Wrecks on Thursday, December 6th at the Vanguard in Tulsa.

When Guys On A Bus came out, the first discernible feature noticed was their outfits.  Having donned matching long-sleeved button-down shirts and ties, the band was certainly the best dressed.

The four made their way to the center of the stage, circling around the mic stand. Looking only slightly nervous, they set their eyes on each other rather than the crowd.

Then, it started.

In harmony, all four of them began singing. A guitar in the hands of the lead vocalist was the only instrument in sight. It was a piece of acapella that seemed very out of place. Not sure what to think, the crowd just watched and listened.

Then, they broke apart.

Running to their respective instruments, the show was thrown into this spirited bubble. Loud music pulsated through the room. Hands clapped to the beat. Fans of the group screamed their approval.

It was electrifying. It was incredible. Upbeat tunes made the audience dance – they couldn’t help themselves. From the start, feet were tapping, heads were bobbing, bodies were swaying.

The music was different. It was not like what one might expect at an indie rock concert, but it somehow meshed well. The sound was simple – no crazy gimmicks or electronically produced tracks. All four of them split the instrumental and vocal parts fairly.

They put a new spin on an older style of pop rock.

Their song, “Bella,” was the perfect example of the kind of music this band played. Serious lyrics filled with pain matched with a happy, positive tune – that was Guys On A Bus, entirely.

The set list consisted of several of their released songs, and it even included a new song set to be released next month. The song, “3 A.M.,” was all parts emotional and invigorating. Several local social media accounts exploded with praise for this new track, exciting fans old and new.

They couldn’t stop moving. All of them danced and jumped, swayed and stomped. The pianist was especially energetic – dance moves that could only be described as “dad moves” made an unexpected appearance. When he flossed, groans were heard (but, in a good way).

The audience ate the performance up. It was a sea of movement, an ocean of excitement. Waves of approval crashed in the form of cheers midway through and after each song.

The band managed to catch the attention of the main act (The Wrecks). Billy Nally, (drummer for The Wrecks) was spotted taking pictures from side stage. Around the time of their set, the band tweeted a shout out.

All members of Guys On A Bus were over the moon for this shout out. Responses were quick to appear after they left the stage as they shared their excitement with fans, friends, and family.

It was a great performance from the last-minute add-on, and new fans were surely made. I think I speak for everyone in the audience when I say that Tulsa is definitely looking forward to the next appearance these guys make.

Check out Guys On A Bus on all music streaming sites and make sure to follow their social media for updates on tours, releases, and more.

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