Maximus Spears Talks Music

Maximus Spears, an up and coming musician from Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently released singles “Chores of Tomorrow” and “Change is Good.”

We met the other day to discuss his musical career and future path.

Spears started making music about a year ago. Inspired by a Coldplay concert, Spears began taking piano lessons, though he didn’t stick with the lessons for long. Struggling with the boredom of running through “Jingle Bells” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb” repeatedly, he chose to teach himself instead.

He has spent the last few months honing his skills on his instrument of choice and branching out to others for writing and recording purposes.

He joined the Youth Rocks program at the Woodie Guthrie center this past spring (2018) and learned viable skills as far as songwriting and playing in a band. While there, he was approached by a member of Valcour Sound, a recording studio in Broken Arrow. After striking a deal with them, he has since recorded all of his songs there and plans to continue doing so.

He is currently working on a collection of songs, though he is unsure of whether he will be releasing a full album or an EP. He has several tracks ready, but he still needs to determine whether he wants to release all of them at once or spread them out a bit more.

When asked how he would describe his music, Spears claimed it was “indie-pop.” Listening to his two songs on Spotify, it is evident that his music draws from modern styles and has a calm, sleepy quality given by the presence of piano.

He did warn me that a couple of his recently written jams were a bit weirder and funkier than his previous works. He has faith, though, that his fans will enjoy them as much as, or even more than, his current releases.

Further discussing his works in progress, Spears explained that he first writes the instrumental and then adds complimentary lyrics. He tries not to reuse any old lines aside from the occasional word or phrase.

His biggest influences are Coldplay (only the older stuff), Mac DeMarco, and Billie Eilish.

When asked who he would want to play with, out of every musician in the world, he claimed that his dream show would have him hopping on piano and singing with Chris Martin (Coldplay).

Arctic Monkeys would also be on the dream lineup, apparently.

Spears has high hopes for his future career. His goal (dream) is to make it big by age twenty – and please, forgive him for his belief that twenty is old; he’s still young.

Right now,  however, he is just going with the flow, building a following. He plans to continue playing shows, writing songs, and just generally getting his name out there. Some of his fellow artists have already approached him about recording a few tracks with them, and he has made friends with quite a few local acts.

He is currently looking for band members to broaden his sound at concerts. He claims that his performances are too “boring” with just vocals and piano.

Maximus Spears plays regularly at Gypsy’s Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays and Coffee House on Cherry Street on Wednesdays. Both are at 7 pm. He has two other upcoming shows: November 16th at The Sanctuary and November 17 at the Vanguard.


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