Badflower No Longer Playing the Vanguard

Tulsa Vanguard announced on Tuesday, September 2, at 3:30 pm that Badflower would not be at the Panic Vertigo show on December 6 with The Wrecks and Deal Casino.

Badflower was lined up as the main support for the Panic Vertigo tour, the second headlining tour for The Wrecks. When the tour was revealed on August 19, Badflower and Deal Casino were both listed for every show.

None of the bands have commented on this sudden change. No tweets or posts have entered the web, and Badflower would not respond to my direct message. It is almost like they were never even supposed to play.

Tulsa Vanguard’s post came out of nowhere and provided almost no information. No followups have been made, yet. No one else has said anything –  not even the band itself.

Still, fans are already disappointed. One even commented and requested a refund, claiming Badflower was the whole reason for them buying the tickets.

A replacement will be brought in to play the show.

For more information, follow Tulsa Vanguard and the Star Catcher on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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