Dive into “Teaching A Narwal Empathy”

CLIFFD\VER released their new song, “Teaching A Narwal Empathy” this morning at 10 am.

The song is rock with pop undertones and a jazzy flair. It takes their self-proclaimed indie rock title to a whole new level.

The band describes it as “something poppy” but with a “serene chill,” to be enjoyed on “a night out or [on] the open road.”

Vivid imagery in the lyrics take the listener to another place. Heavy on metaphors, the artist describes leaving home in a conflicted manner, similar to how most people (young adults especially) view it.

With the somewhat emotional lyrics combining with a whimsical, peaceful melody, it will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

After listening to this, you’ll find yourself adding it to your late night road trip playlist. Whether you want to get into your feels for awhile or just want a brief escape into a jazz paradise, this is the perfect track for both.

“Teaching A Narwal Empathy” is off of CLIFFD\VER’s upcoming EP Small Hours, set to be released on October 3rd. “You Sir, Are Obviously Not A Golfer,” put out on September 12, will also make the lineup.

The band will be playing an album release show at the Vanguard on October 6th with Lilac Kings, The Odyssey, Ben Quad, and The Noise Estate at 7 pm. Tickets are $10.

If you would like to hear or download the song, visit this link.

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