Veterans Aren’t “Losing Sleep” Because of Chris Young

Chris Young put on a ferocious performance last night – Saturday, September 15. Playing all of his hits, he had the crowd shouting the lyrics back and dancing in the aisles.

However, the most memorable moment of the show did not come in the form of song. Rather, it came when he brought Lt. Gen. Leroy Sisco onstage.

The man was representing the Military Warriors Support Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps wounded military veterans and their families get on their feet.

The foundation, based out of San Antonio, TX, has paired with several companies, including Wells Fargo, to purchase houses and cars that they then present to the veterans.

This was the second night Sisco stood in front of Young’s fans to award a hero, the show in Lubbock being the first. Apparently, the country star was so moved by the first time that he had to have another similar experience. The singer jumped aside completely after handing over the microphone, and he stayed out of the exchange, remaining just as much a bystander as the rest of us. Everyone was shocked but not because he did it. In fact, no one could really be surprised that he would do it.

Young has a very charitable history. He has donated money to Hurricane Harvey survivors, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Stars for Stripes in the past, using the funds from his sold out concerts.

Yet, this bit of charity probably takes the cake. Not only did he share the spotlight and donate to the cause, this man allowed these people to come to the concert and present the gifts to an Oklahoma resident in front of the people of Tulsa.

The veteran, whose name I didn’t quite catch, will now be moving into a brand new home in Oklahoma City. The military hero’s mother and stepmother were both welcomed onstage as well and celebrated, adding to generous energy.

After the veteran was presented the comically large house key, the audience chanted “USA, USA, USA,” proving that Tulsans are definitely a patriotic bunch.

Learn more about the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

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