The Dividing of Accident Artist

Accident Artist, an indie rock band from Tulsa, OK, has recently decided to split up.

Formed originally by two of the members (Sam Smith and Quinton Hoagland) in 2015 under the name “The Gnomes,” the band has changed multiple times. They added Carson Been and Camilo Gonzalez in 2016, rounding out the group.

Accident Artist played in Battle of the Bands at Cain’s Ballroom earlier this year and has been a part of several lineups around Tulsa. They have been added to shows with artists such as SteelyFace and Spotless Mind.

The band pinned the break up on differences in style and interest. Each member has his own solo project, adding fuel to the decision. They announced it on Instagram on Monday, September 10, much to the chagrin of their followers – including several of the local musicians in the area.

Accident Artist’s Youtube channel will stay running as an archive of their works. Each will continue pursuing music in their own way:

Hoagland, through Hoarseman.

Smith, through The Others Like Us.

Gonzalez, as a solo artist.

Been, with his musicals.

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