Out of Sink

On August 30th, I was lucky enough to catch a local show at the Vanguard. Four bands played – three of which are from right here in Oklahoma. The bands were Overcast, Out of Sink, Adventurer, and All For More.

I had heard Out of Sink before on Spotify, so when they came on the other night, I had some prior knowledge of their music. Very pop rock was their sound – to me, there was a 2000s Good Charlotte vibe to it. Heavy on the guitar and drums, with loud lyrics and a complimentary vocalist, was the specialty for this band, at least as far as their recorded songs went.

The band did their sound check in front of all of us after the opening band finished. It was the Vanguard, and it was floor room only, so there was no stage. For most people, you would think that this would be uncomfortable and awkward. Maybe it was for them, but you certainly couldn’t tell from the way they acted.

They were so relaxed in front of everyone. They tuned their instruments and checked all of the mics with ease. Quips at the expense of band mates were a given, each trying for a laugh from the audience as well as from each other.

When they actually started playing, let me tell you, it was a night to remember.

They launched into one of their songs from their EP, Always, with a vigor that excited the crowd. Jumping in sync were the guitarists, a tidbit I personally found funny and ironic because of their name. The sound was raw and unedited, obviously, but recognizable as their song, “Always”. When the chorus hit, I swear I heard some people singing along – and only one of the voices belonged to me.

They continued to play with that energy as the night progressed, cracking jokes and dancing wildly. The vocalist especially was a riot; he went on a high-fiving spree during at least two of the songs, hitting up everyone in the front row and a couple from the second.

I would say that if the whole music thing didn’t work out, the vocalist could certainly hold his own in the comedy circuit. Saying “This is not ‘Had to Watch It Fall’” and then obviously playing the song is only one example of his silly dialogues. He even insisted that he wasn’t checking the lyrics for the song “Miss Murder” when they began the cover despite singing them straight from his phone – though how anyone can consider themselves a modern rock band and not know the words to “Miss Murder” I don’t understand.

The dancing got more and more exaggerated; flailing arms, hopping up and down, and wide spins all made the cut. The singer seemed well aware of the whereabouts of the photographer, and he played to the camera.

It was a bit bass heavy, I noticed. Occasionally, the bass would overpower the guitars and vocals, burying some of the sound. Yet, somehow, that only played into the unrefined rock sound of it all.

The musicians were collective in their performance. The music blended well and was much more managed than some local bands’. The pop punk rock style is such a fun one to hear, and Out of Sink did a wonderful job with their take.

I would say, aside from being bass heavy, the only downfall of the concert was the continuous checking of the setlist. It was a bit irksome when not everyone was on task. It kind of gave an off balanced feel, like everyone wasn’t on the same page. I understand some bands use fill ins for some of the instruments, or perhaps they weren’t able to practice as much as they should have, but regardless, the lack of coordination made them look less professional. As a local band, they want to avoid that look. People expect them to be uncouth, ill managed. If a local band wants to rise above the community status, they need to prove that stereotype wrong. I don’t feel that Out of Sink did that. In fact, I think they may have tipped their hand and capered into it.

Moving on from that rigmarole, Out of Sink did put on an incredible show. The band was excitable and lively, and passion for their music seemed to ooze from their actions. They knew how to work a crowd, that was for sure.

If you want to hear this band for yourself, check out their EP, Always, on any streaming or music platform. Their next listed performance is September 23 at 4 pm in Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma State Fair. More information can be found at https://www.reverbnation.com/outofsinkband or on their Facebook page.

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