Meeting All For More

When looking for local bands to give a listen, I came across a band called All For More. Only two songs of theirs had been released at the time – ‘Her Bliss’ and ‘I’m All Ears’ – and after playing them through, I was hooked.

The sound was pop, rock, and grunge, all rolled into a pretty package of cohesion. Strong vocals, great beats, and awesome guitar riffs make this band one you don’t want to miss. So, I sent them a message on Facebook asking for an interview.

The band name means all for more sounds, something derived from an idea the lead vocalist, Paul Mooney, had of naming the band “All to More” (spoken all together like Baltimore without the “B”). Apparently, during a GroupMe chat, Mooney offered All to More as a suggestion that was quickly changed by the then drummer to All For More. The guys took a vote and thus All For More they became – though, after hearing some of their original ideas of Mango Cellar, Pizza Dojo, and Spaghetti Wizard, I’m not sure if the choice was the right one.

However, the band became All For More, and I have to agree that it is fitting.

From the two songs they’ve released, no definitive sound has been chosen. And, it seems, they have no intention of committing to a sound – at least, not for awhile. Their first album, a seven song production under the name of Release, was hinted at having a completely different style for each song and may not follow the same path that ‘Her Bliss’ and ‘I’m All Ears’ have taken – which, according to Mooney and Janos Wozniak (guitar, backup vocals), is entirely the point.

They both agreed that there were just too many different styles to commit to just one. As put by Mooney, he prefers “trash improv”, or mixing different sounds to come up with something new and fresh.

To fully understand how distinctive All For More can be, a backstory must be told. According to the two, when they first starting writing their music, they described it as “hard rock jazz” to anyone who would listen. Now, after hearing the two songs they’ve released on Spotify, I can honestly say that this is not a very fitting description of their current position. After they listed their current influences, however, the sound seems to make more sense. Bands and musicians such as Panic! At the Disco, Grandson, Kings X, Muse, Intervals, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and Linkin Park are said to have some part in the musical style they are currently working towards.

The band was started through a mutual acquaintance that no longer plays with them. Wozniak met bassist Dylan Reid during Summer Jam and the two really hit it off. They decided to form a funk metal band that would later become this one.

After the singer they had procured left, Reid reached out to Mooney, having known him from jazz band in high school. They continued to add and lose members including Zach Simms and Jonathan Haywood on drums and Tristan Wright on bass, all of whom they are still on decent terms with but went separate ways due to different projects and music tastes.

To prove how close they still are to the former band mates, Mooney relayed that he had recently seen Reid at a gas station. They both said hey, waved, and went on with their lives. So, obviously, they are still the best of friends.

Since the band began in early 2014 (Wozniak stating the name having been decided May 12, 2014), several members have come and gone. A revolving door of drummers and bass guitarists has ensued over the last four years, keeping the member mark at two and the concert experience different each time. Though Wozniak claims that they refuse to allow someone to jam with them onstage if they cannot play the same way as the recording, both admitted that there had been a couple of shows where they had been thrown off by the fill in bassist or drummer.

One of the specific shows that threw them off was one in which they didn’t actually have a bassist. Instead, Wozniak played bass and Mooney played guitar. The result was what they claimed was “lizard brain”; the notes were correct, the instruments were played well, but it just did not sound right.

Mooney and Wozniak are both currently residing in the Tulsa area and have been for quite awhile: Mooney, for seven years, and Wozniak for ten. Both graduated from high schools in the area (Edison and Owasso), and when asked how they felt about being a band from Tulsa, they had nothing but good to say of the city. They insisted that they have preferred playing here over the few shows they have played in the Oklahoma City area. The other musicians are supportive here, and the music scene is supposedly very close knit.

In fact, the guys felt inclined to promote other bands all throughout the interview. Mentioning their favorites and groups they had played with in the past, they were extremely proud to send shout outs to the other locals.

Their next goal is to leave the city, though. With an album coming out in September, they plan to pack up their new music and head on tour. Several of the bands they had played with in the past have been toying with bringing them on tour, they said. They both assured me that they were ready to at least take a turn around Oklahoma and then hopefully, move on from there. As Mooney said in the interview: “You have to leave your hometown eventually.”

Most of the shows All For More have played seem to have been distributed around the city, with frequent stops at the Vanguard. One of their few complaints for Tulsa was the lack of all ages venues. All For More’s target audience would probably be teenagers and younger adults (being in their early twenties, themselves) so playing 21+ bars would not be the best idea for the band. However, they take what they get and usually play at least once every week or so.

Most recently, they played with Adventurer, Overcast, and Out of Sink at the Vanguard on August 30 (you can check out an in depth review in the Concerts page).

Their next show is at the Chimera Cafe on September 13 in Tulsa.

The guys were very talkative and friendly. They seem to really enjoy making music which is something to be respected. Good music, down-to-earth members; what more could you want in a potential new favorite band?

You can find All For More on Twitter (@allformore), Instagram (allformore), and Facebook. Their songs are available for download and streaming on all the usual platforms.

Check out their new album, Release, coming out September 28 and make sure you listen to ‘Her Bliss’ and ‘I’m All Ears’.

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